Dr. Frank T. Bozeman is the founder and chancellor of five 501c3 religious benefit corporations; the Global Evangelical Christian College and Seminary (GECCS), the Global Evangelical Accrediting Commission Inc., Frank T. Bozeman Ministries Inc., B & B Gospel Productions and Publishing company and the Global Word Fellowship Inc. This association of churches, ministries, Bible colleges, schools, pastors, faith based and other Para church organizations have been led by Dr. Bozeman since 1999. In like manner, Dr. Bozeman has led with the support of his wife, Dr. Hurdis Bozeman and the faculty members. Dr. Frank T. Bozeman has preached extensively within multiple churches nationwide over the last 35 years.

Dr. Frank T. Bozeman is a native of East Chicago, Indiana. He received his undergraduate degree in Humanities with an emphasis in Religious Studies from Morehouse College. He then pursued higher education in Divinity. Dr. Bozeman earned a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling the Doctor of Ministry, and the Doctor of Philosophy, Education Administration Supervision.

Dr. Frank T. Bozeman has authored two books, served on various boards and multiple faculty roles. In addition, he received a vast number of awards and recognition