Minister Felecia McBride, GECCS National Registrar

2021 Graduation and Appreciation Ceremonies:

Bishop Frank T. Bozeman, GECCS Chancellor and Presiding Bishop of GWF

Bishop Booker Terrell Moore, Jr. GECCS International President

Bishop Hurdis Bozeman, GECCS Administration, and GWF First Presiding Bishop

Senior Pastor Colenthia Wright, GECCS Administration, and GWF Senior Pastor, Montgomery, Alabama

Prophetess Armelda Thomas, National Administration, and Recruitment

Minister Michele Copeland, GWF Assistant Pastor, Montgomery, Alabama

Evangelist Rochelle Alston, Women Ministry, (WOGI), Women Outreach Global International

Apostle Jimmie and Apostle Kathy Taylor, Holy and Righteousness Ministries, and GECCS Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Dr. Walter E. and First Lady Sadie Ellis, our Pastor and First Lady

Dr. J.C. and Dr. Ella Wade our Spiritual Parents

Dr. Carl Z. and First Lady Sherryl Liggins, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dr. Roderick Williams, Ph.D., GECCS Educational Specialist and Board of Advisors.

Bishop Lelo Lewis, Montgomery, Alabama

Dr’s Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, Fort Mills, North Carolina


Bishop Paul S. Morton, Atlanta, Georgia


Bishop Noel Jones, Los Angeles, California


Attorney Julian McPhillips, Montgomery, Alabama


Bishop Bernie Wade, Sr., Louisville, Kentucky


Dr. Charles Steele, SCLC president and Board of Advisors, Atlanta, Georgia

ftbpresbillclinton.jpg.w560h433Former President, Bill Clinton greets GECCS Chancellor, Dr. Frank T. Bishop

Prophet, Dr. Laron Matthews, PhD
Dean of Faculty

Dr. Carl Robinson
Dallas, Texas Extension School Director

Bishop Frank T. Bozeman, Chancellor

GECCS Bishops, Apostles and Pastors

Bishop Booker Terrell Moore, Jr.
GECCS International President