Promoting Women in Ministry, WOGI

Mission Statement

Empowered to win women, men and children to Christ.

Promote Christian Education

Provide Christian Counseling

Promote Women in Ministry

Provide Employment Skills

Teach Employability Skills

Healing, Deliverance, Salvation and Restoration

Equip The Body of Christ with human dynamic skills

Enlighten The Body of Christ with the Word of God

Provide survival skills, and ministry training

Enrichment in Economic Development, follow up, and job placement skills


Evangelist Rochelle Mitchell, President

Senior PastorColenthiaWright, GWF Montgomery, Alabama
Dr. Hurdis Bozeman, Promoting Women in Ministry. The Founder of WOGI and GWF First Presiding Bishop
Bishop Frank T. Bozeman, GWF Presiding Bishop, and WOGI Spiritual Covering

Pastor Fagale ShufordGrant, Seek Follow AME Zion Church and WOGI Awards and Scholarships

Mrs. Marlene Joyce Shuford-Hall,WOGI Publications; WOGI Awards and Scholarships

Ms. I. Perlotte, WOGI Awards and Scholarships

Ms. Jeremia Milner, WOGI, “Youth With Word”

Minister Michele Copeland, Assistant Pastor, GWF and WOGI Vice President  

Prophetess Wilma Flowers, WOGI Treasurer and Prayer Intercessor.


Myeisha Baker, Global ATL Ministry, PR person, Administrative Assistant and Youth Ministry


The Women Sessions are an Awesome Worship Service! Come and share in one of WOGI and GWF Worship Experiences!